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Saturday, January 26, 2008

rotateme, flipsilent and nokmote signed for tim.giering

we have received One more REQUEST from "tim.giering" for signing rotateMe_2_0_beta1_unsigned, flipsilent1_unsigned and nokmote.We have kept our promise and here is signed sis files for the same.

REMEMBER unsigned sis files are signed and can be installed only on the particular mobile phone because it needs the IMEI no while these signed files work only on that mobile which they were requested for. Don't forget to check your mobile's date settings(set it to the correct date) while installing signed applications.

we will be glad to receive your requests for signing up unsigned sis files for you.we promise that we put matchless efforts to provide you with better service all the time.

Please don't forgot to send your comments and rate the posts because your feed back is very much needed to let us know what you need.

DOWNLOAD Flipsilent1_signed

DOWNLOAD RotateMe v 2.0 Beta1_signed

Download Nokmote


rommel Thursday, March 27, 2008  

hi, can u sign nokmote and flisilent for my n95?

imei no is:352061024614428

thanks a lot!!!!

sai Sunday, May 11, 2008  

hi,can u plzzz sign nokemote n rotate me for my n95

my imei is 352026020054267

my email id is

thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Anonymous Monday, May 12, 2008  

hello. can you sign nokmote, flisilent and rotateme for my n95 8gb please. imei - 356983016974955 and my email is thanks alot !!

Anonymous Thursday, May 22, 2008  

hello...anybody can send me to my mail??the mail nokmote for my n95 please??the imei is:358998019779829 tks alot

alaa Monday, May 26, 2008  

can you sign nokmote, rotae me and flisilent for my n95
imei is 357676011252299
email is

Anonymous Monday, May 26, 2008  

can you sign nokmote, rotate me and flipsilent for me
my name is alaa
imei is 357676011253399
my email is

Anonymous Wednesday, May 28, 2008  

Can you sign nokmote and rotateMe


Siddhartha Saturday, May 31, 2008  

Hi...can u plz plz plz sign Nokemote, rotate me n flipsilent for my N73
IMEI: 353641012294504

lester Wednesday, June 04, 2008  

hi could you pls sign nokmote for my N95 pls. Your help is very much appreciated!
Imei : 359542015499708
Email :

Thanks Again !!

Geo Tuesday, June 10, 2008  

hey can u plz sign me on nokmote please? and rotateme if u can.I am a bit desperate so ur help is much apreciated my imei is :
Tnx m8!

Anonymous Thursday, June 12, 2008  

hey. can you please sign nokmote, flisilent and rotateme for me. i will really appreciate it.
my imei is 352255014382349
my email is
thanks a lot ^^ =)

Anonymous Friday, June 13, 2008  


please send sign rotateme and flipsilent

please send to

Anonymous Sunday, June 29, 2008  

if you could sign the nokmote shakeme and rotateme for me ,i will appreciate very much,,,

my imei is 352061022280800
and e mail

thanks in advance.

Weazel Wednesday, July 02, 2008  

any chance of getting nokemote signed for me?

imei 354829026668636


Anonymous Friday, July 04, 2008  

Hi could you please sign nokmote for me please

Imei 354829022912921

I have tried to do it myself but cant so please help me Many Thanks


Anonymous Thursday, July 10, 2008  

Hello Would love if u could sign

nokmote and flipsilent for me please.


thank you in advanced

Anonymous Saturday, July 12, 2008  

hi please can you sign nokmote rotateme and flipsilent for my n95 8gb


imei: 354829022901320

thanks alot

Ales Wednesday, July 16, 2008  

hi....can you sign nokmote and rotateme for n95 for me,please?

imei: 353094023379601
please send to:

TYRELL Tuesday, July 29, 2008  


please sign rotateme, flipsilent and nokmote for me

my imei is: 354829024337002
my email

please, please , please
thank you

Shane Thursday, July 31, 2008  

hello. can anybody sign rotateme for me please?

email is and imei is 352061023291681

thanks alot!!

Baba Friday, August 15, 2008  

hi!i'l b obliged if u sign all da 3 softwarez 4 me n send them to ma mailin address i.e thanx.

Baba Friday, August 15, 2008  

hi plz sign n email me these 3 softz nokmote,rotateme n flipsilent'z latest versionz at i'l b obliged by da gr8 help,ma n95'z i.m.e.i iz 352255011365305 thanx

Catalin Saturday, August 16, 2008  

please sign for me nokmote and rotateme plz plz a lot

my imei: 356996013343354
my email:

Anonymous Saturday, August 16, 2008  

Is there any way I could get rotateme signed?

imei: 352946021186042


Thanks in advance :)

Anonymous Wednesday, August 20, 2008  

Pls sign nokmote and remoteme.

IMEI: 358064011117292
MAIL: or

Anonymous Sunday, August 24, 2008  

plz sign for me nokmate and rotateme and flipsilent and shakeme
ofr my nokia n95
my imei :3593094024315711
my mail is

and thxxxxxxxxxxxx again

Hans Monday, August 25, 2008  


Could you please sign Nokmote and Rotate_Me for my n95

My imei is 35309402402138

My email id is

Thank you very, very much!

Elango - A Rifle Shooter Monday, August 25, 2008  

hii please sign nokmote and flip silent applications
for my IMEI no 359542013464563

Anonymous Thursday, August 28, 2008  

can you please sign nokmote, rotateme and flipsilent please
my imei no: 354829025867031
my email is please can you help me
thank you!!
i appreciate it

Anonymous Wednesday, September 03, 2008  

hi please sign nokmote and flipsilent for my N95
IMEI 354835018602970
thanx in advance!!!

Anonymous Thursday, September 04, 2008  

hi, can u please help me to sign nokmote for me?
my imei is 359542015840315
my email is
thank in advance

Anonymous Sunday, September 21, 2008  

ei, pls sign nokmote for me. Pls. Pls. Pls. My imei no. 358984011864173 my email- Thanks a lot!

ketzupoo Saturday, September 27, 2008  

pls help me pls????
i really interest with nokmote and rotateme...
i spent s lot time 5 it but i cant install it...
pls send me the installer or sis file and help me sign it...
my imei is 354835012917374
my email

ketzupoo Saturday, September 27, 2008  

any body help me pls????
i really interest with nokmote and rotateme...
i spent s lot time 5 it but i cant install it...
pls send me the installer or sis file and help me sign it...
my imei is 354835012917374
my email

Roca Tuesday, September 30, 2008  

hi! can you plis sign rotatame for my n 95? my imei is 352946020438956 and my email is thanks a lot man!

buh! Saturday, October 04, 2008  

hi, would it be possible for you to please sign nokmote for me?
imei: 352255010993149
thank you! :)

Anonymous Sunday, October 12, 2008  

hi,can u plzzz sign nokemote n rotate me for my n95

IMEI: 352026021356232

thanks a lot!!!!

Anonymous Sunday, October 12, 2008  

hi,can u plzzz sign nokemote n rotate me for my n95

imei no : 352026021356232
email :

thanks a lot!!!!

Anonymous Tuesday, October 14, 2008  

hi,can u plzzz sign NALERTME n FLIPSILENT for my n95

imei no : 352026021356232
email :

thanks a lot!!!!

Abbas Wednesday, October 15, 2008  

Hi,can u pls sign nokemote n rotate me for my n95

IMEI 352255010239204

Many thanks...

Anonymous Thursday, October 16, 2008  

Hi, can u sign nokmote for my n95

imei : 356449010103116

Thanks a lot!!!!

Anonymous Monday, November 17, 2008  

hi can you sign nokmote for me plz
imei: 358998018818479

cheers nathan

TAZ!!! Friday, November 28, 2008  


IMEI. 352061024556819



Andrew Sunday, December 07, 2008  

Can you get me a Singed version of RotateMe V2 and Nokmote for my N95 my IMEI is 357676015544675

Andrew Sunday, December 07, 2008  

Hey can you sign Nokmote and Rotate ME V2

IMEI: 357676015544675


Anonymous Sunday, December 07, 2008  

Hi everybody.Could you sign me a copry of these apps (Nokmote,rotateme)for N95
IMEI: 356962017545659
Many thanks

Anonymous Wednesday, January 07, 2009  

boss help me sign nokmote n flipsilent for my n85...
thanks in advanced.

my imei : 35376021919968


thxxxxx =)


Hi, This is the place where you can get support from Us. So ask your doubts by simply posting a comment with your name and email id. Name and Email fields are mandatory for us to help.

So don't forgot them to write.

Vishal : -I have an N 82 When i tried to install the "App Trk" on my cell all it says is "Unable to install. Component is built in." I tried saving it on both Phone memory and Card Memory and it just says the same thing... What can i do?

Sol : - Hi Vishal, this may occur due to the following reasons

1. your firmware is up to date and it restricts us from install such type of applications which directly effects it's platform security. If it is the case we can install it only the firm allows us to hack that means you should have a older firm ware.

2.turn off the online certificate check in application manager and try to install the two app trk applications to install.

:- Pls generate key for opera 8.65 since I do not have a PC. My Imei is: 352757013687255

Key:- 4171431223

imr26 Q:-sir ! i cant extract 00000001.rar file to C drive. so i cant saw to C:\resource\swicertstore\dat\00000001. so how can i create dis directory ? plz help me sir !

Sol:- Hi imr26, this is due to the following 2 reasons

1. Not enabling the "SHOW HIDDEN FILES, SHOW ROM, RAM AND SYSTEM FILES " in your X-plore

2.By not installing ROMPatcher properly.

I recommend you to follow each and every step with a little patient.

Srinivasan Q:- i can't able resource floder in c drive wat can i do........ plz help me.... iam using e51.....

Sol:- Hi Sri, this may happen due to the any of the following two reasons

1. Your phone is not a hacked(Firmware hacked) Phone.

2. You haven't enabled "SHOW HIDDEN FILES" in X-PLORE.

Check these these two things.