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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Please note that in most ‘slowness’ cases reflashing is not needed as a repair action. Use your Memory Card (MMC) as primary data storing place. By changing the following settings data is stored directly to MMC and no other user actions are required.

1. Open Messaging application
2. Press Options and select Settings
3. Open Other settings and select Memory in use
4. Set MMC as message storing place

1. Open Camera application
2. Press Options and select Settings
3. Select Memory in use
4. Set MMC as image storing place

Video clips
1. Open Video Recorder application
2. Press Options and select Settings
3. Select Memory in use
4. Set MMC as video clip storing place

Voice memos
1. Open Voice Recorder
2. Press Options and select Settings
3. Select Memory in use
4. Set MMC as video clip storing place

It is also recommended that if new games, themes, wallpapers etc. are installed to phone, then memory card memory will be used to store the new application. Additionally following things can be tried, if phone is still noticed to be slow: - If any downloaded theme used, try changing it. Theme might include big images of other effects that cause slowness to system.

- Clear the Browser cache - Set Log duration 10 days (Logs -> Options -> Settings -> Log duration) - Remove unnecessary data from C: drive (pictures, messages, video clips etc.) - Remove old calendar data - Exit the application after usage. If there are several applications open in the background at the same time, it can cause system slowness



Hi, This is the place where you can get support from Us. So ask your doubts by simply posting a comment with your name and email id. Name and Email fields are mandatory for us to help.

So don't forgot them to write.

Vishal : -I have an N 82 When i tried to install the "App Trk" on my cell all it says is "Unable to install. Component is built in." I tried saving it on both Phone memory and Card Memory and it just says the same thing... What can i do?

Sol : - Hi Vishal, this may occur due to the following reasons

1. your firmware is up to date and it restricts us from install such type of applications which directly effects it's platform security. If it is the case we can install it only the firm allows us to hack that means you should have a older firm ware.

2.turn off the online certificate check in application manager and try to install the two app trk applications to install.

:- Pls generate key for opera 8.65 since I do not have a PC. My Imei is: 352757013687255

Key:- 4171431223

imr26 Q:-sir ! i cant extract 00000001.rar file to C drive. so i cant saw to C:\resource\swicertstore\dat\00000001. so how can i create dis directory ? plz help me sir !

Sol:- Hi imr26, this is due to the following 2 reasons

1. Not enabling the "SHOW HIDDEN FILES, SHOW ROM, RAM AND SYSTEM FILES " in your X-plore

2.By not installing ROMPatcher properly.

I recommend you to follow each and every step with a little patient.

Srinivasan Q:- i can't able resource floder in c drive wat can i do........ plz help me.... iam using e51.....

Sol:- Hi Sri, this may happen due to the any of the following two reasons

1. Your phone is not a hacked(Firmware hacked) Phone.

2. You haven't enabled "SHOW HIDDEN FILES" in X-PLORE.

Check these these two things.